Product Managers shape the future with visionary products.

Make cities better

Our mission is to reduce transportation congestion with more people in fewer cars. We want to move people and deliver things easily, effectively and conveniently for all.

Be the voice of the customer

Product Managers at Uber are relentlessly data-centric, and iterate quickly to create the products that positively impact our customers in big meaningful ways.

CEO of the product is you

Product Managers at Uber are uniquely empowered to deliver results in a culture of autonomy that lets builders build.

"We're all driven to fundamentally change society in a way that is actually making peoples lives better." - Nundu
"We are enabling a large segment of the population the ability to provide for their families and meaningfully change their economic status in a way that's never been available to them before." - Margaret-Ann
"Uber is the first company I’m working at that I didn’t co-found and yet I feel just as much ownership over the work and the outcomes." - Chris
"I truly am the CEO of my product." - Bob

The many perks of working at Uber