The India Growth team is dedicated to making Uber the best transportation network in India

1.2 Billion Indians

Of the 60+ countries Uber operates in, India is one of our fastest growing markets

Dozens of Cities

In less than two years, Uber has expanded across India to over 25 diverse cities. With hundreds of more cities ahead of us, we're just getting started.

Real Impact

By improving access to safe and affordable transportation at scale, we're making India a better place to live.

"We are enabling a large segment of the population the ability to provide for their families and meaningfully change their economic status in a way that's never been available to them before." - Margaret-Ann
"People and cities are having a hard time adapting to scaling change around the world. But we are building a software platform that does. We are using technology that helps." - Pedram

The many perks of working at Uber