Work with an amazing team to reinvent the landscape of urban transportation and logistics, done at a global scale.

Big Opportunities

Help change the way people and things move while creating a positive impact on the environment and the cities we live in. Uber is already revolutionising the way we move and we have only just begun.

Your Impact and Reach

Design and implement solutions that are used by millions of our riders and driver partners every day. Your work will be felt across the globe on a daily basis.

Smart Minds

Solve unique and hard challenges at a scale that you will rarely come across. If you want to solve the toughest engineering challenges alongside some of the smartest people in the industry, Uber is the right place for you.

"A company like Uber only comes around once a decade, that's something you don't want to miss." - Thuan

Perks of working at Uber in Amsterdam

Engineering in the heart of Europe

Work in one of the most iconic and beautiful cities in Europe alongside talented and engaging people who are as keen to change the world as you are.

Shape the future

Help shape the future of what we build and how we build it from Europe. What we do here creates the foundations of Uber’s products and engineering.

We value our people

We care about and invest in our team. Alongside benefits like healthcare, catered lunches and Uber rides, we provide opportunities for people to grow ensuring they enjoy the work they do every day.

"Everyone really brings a unique flavour of creativity and talent and constantly looks for new ways to win as a team." - Andrea
"I'm having a baby very soon and I'm very happy to raise a family in Amsterdam." - Reynald
"We build the next generation of technology for our mobile engineers at Uber as they develop the future of transportation." - Mustafa
"Integrating different ways to pay into Uber’s apps and backend systems is a key component to successful growth." - Caroline
"We can use data to optimise transportation and to make it more economical, more accessible to everyone and improve people’s lives in cities." - Koen
"Our technology helps keep Uber running reliably and lets engineers focus on the things that matter." - Dan
"The really cool thing about Uber is that you can be one single person with a crazy idea, build it, and then have millions of people use it." - Thijs
"Every region every country has its own payment systems and to make Uber accessible to everyone we need to connect to them." - Willem
"Candidates that ask a lot of questions and are always trying to reach for the best solution are going to be candidates that fit our cultural values." - Jordan